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From feeling stuck to being alive.
Reinventing your life.

At one time or another, we unavoidably feel stuck in life, every human being does, but stuck-ness is a fantastic reward from life, we should feel so grateful for feeling it, it means the completion of a life stage, the end of a cycle and the beginning of a brand new one.

Feeling stuck is feeling the urgency to change but being unaware of it, it is merely a state of mind triggered by a primitive instinct that our limbic system uses as a strategy, in order to accomplish its purpose of self preservation. Our primitive brain that we inherited from our ancestors has one goal, which is survival. When they ran out of food from the local area that they were living in, our primitive ancestors felt stuck, so they had to move, they felt the urgency to change, to find a new place in which they were able to survive. We too feel stuck, we take decisions and we finally change, we get wiser, we accumulate valuable experiences and information. Read more